Below is the tip Menu Natali and i will be using when we are live together.

Flash Tits (30 seconds) LANA52
Flash Tits (30 Seconds) Natali53
Spank Ass 5 Spanks59
Making Out63
Shake Ass70
Show feet75
Suck Tongue88
Lana on Natali Nipple Sucking96
Sexy Dancing (one song)99
Natali on Lana Nipple Sucking100
Tits Out (Natali)140
Bottoms Off Lana141
Oil each other.149
Jump Up and Down150
Paddle Ass 1 MINUTE159
Finger Pussy (Lana to Nat)353
Finger Pussy (Nat to Lana)354
Eating Pussy Lana eats Natali (5 mins minimum)444
Strap on Deepthroat599
Two Girl Depthroat show799
Strapon Fucking (No squirt) (Lana on Natali)1111